Miniverse is a 3D animated project with a Lofi vibe, created by TOM company to bring "home" for it's holders as a place to grow and express themselves in Web3 space. Miniverse is about innovation, modernisation, and creation of a brand new wolrd, willing to unite the Solana and Etherium communities together.


Phase 1 - Permit
- Bring in tight-knit community members we call family from the NFT Space.
- Hire teams of expert callers, analysts, and educators. Then start to provide a profitable and educational journey for Miniverse community members.
Phase 2 - Post Mint - Day 1
Miniverse holders will be able to stake their NFTs for $snow ❄️ which is an off chain token which holders will be able to use to attend master classes by experts in regards to crypto and NFT trading, buy and change their NFT traits on our trait marketplace, schedule 1/1 with trading experts, and not to forget buy whitelist spots for upcoming projects.
Phase 3 - Post Mint - Day 3
Miniverse holders will have full access to crypto analysis and signals, NFT alpha and degen calls from experienced traders.
Phase 4- Post Reveal
Holders will have access to our trait marketplace where they will be able to customize their own NFTs using $Snow. Customizing NFs will help in generating greater number of $Snow.
Phase 5 - Did anyone say merch?
Holders will have the chance to order, via the marketplace their own physical Miniverse NFTs.
Never ending phase.
Honorary Miniverse Globes will continue to be created for future collaborations where holders will be able to mint using $Snow token.



Tom Company

TOM Company was shaped in 1976, while architecture was finding its modernised path into the world, they were one of the first companies in Lebanon to build and construct the best compounds. Centers, villas, and mansions. However later in 2019, they expanded their journey in agriculture in Turkey and the team offers a "full spectrum of project services from land sourcing to developing lands into agricultural projects". Following that in 2022, they managed to express and generate Miniverse, to establish a virtual residence as a home for their holders and investors.